Repurposing Ideas


DIY Solo Cup Halloween Luminaries

When college football starts back up, that is my cue to start prepping for Halloween. This gives me almost a month to figure out how I am going to decorate both the inside and outside of my home. This year is a little … [Read More...]

DIY Duct Tape Rockets

DIY Duct Tape Rockets

3-2-1 blast off! Check out these cute, homemade rockets! They are made from toilet paper tubes, cardboard, duct tape, and your choice of material for the flames. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive craft to do with your … [Read More...]

Home Organization

6 Ways To Help Organize & Optimize The Space In Your Kitchen

I am always looking to organize and optimize the space in my home. A big problem that I face is limited amount of cabinet and pantry space. So, I went looking for clever and inexpensive solutions that could really make a big … [Read More...]

Baby Clothes Dividers Free Printable

9 Ways To Better Organize Your Child’s Room

A little organization, can go a long way! I know that these days kids have a ton of toys. Their room can become a disaster in a flash! Here are 9 ideas to help keep some of the mess under control. Check out some of the DIY … [Read More...]

Recipe Ideas

Truffle Bacon Popcorn

5 Savory & Spicy Gourmet Popcorn Recipes

I love buttered popcorn, but sometimes you just get tired of the same flavor over and over again. While searching for ways to make my nighttime snack a little more tasty, I ran into some interesting flavors. Here are 5 recipes that are sure to please … [Read More...]

Homemade S'mores

Easter S’mores Made With Homemade Marshmallows

Easter is just around the corner! If you need a quick and easy dessert for a party, potluck, or you just crave sugar, check out these Easter s'mores! I used a recipe for homemade marshmallows that you can find here. They honestly taste so much better … [Read More...]

Easy Apple pie cookies

Easy Apple Pie Cookies

When I first saw these Apple Pie Cookies I thought they would be too difficult for your average, everyday person like me to make. As I looked at what the recipe called for and how they were prepared, I was shocked! The ingredients are basic and the … [Read More...]

Easy Banana Nut Bread

The Yummiest Banana Nut Bread

If you purchased a bunch of bananas and have forgotten to eat them, do not fret. I have any easy solution that will not let them go to waste. Why not bake with those mushy bananas? They are actually the perfect consistency to make banana … [Read More...]

No-Bake Chocolate Lasagna

No-Bake Chocolate Lasagna

If you have a potluck dinner in the near future or need to whip up a quick dessert, check out this easy recipe for Chocolate Lasagna.  The best part about this dish is that it is no-bake! The full recipe can be found at Center Cut Cook. If you … [Read More...]

Rainbow Cheesecake Easter Eggs

Easy Cheesecake Easter Eggs

Cheesecake in the shape of Easter eggs-I am all over it! How great would these look at your Easter get-together?     The recipe for the cheesecake is quite simple and only uses 5 ingredients: sugar, cream cheese, vanilla, heavy … [Read More...]

oreo balls

Chocolate-Covered Oreo Balls

If you are looking for a fast and easy treat for a party or just a night with the family, check out these Chocolate-Covered Oreo Balls. The original recipe can be found at Dinner With The Donnells. I plan on serving these at my upcoming 4th of July … [Read More...]

Funfetti Homemade Cake Batter Popcorn

5 Homemade Gourmet Popcorn Recipes

Who doesn't love movie night with the family? If you are tired of the same old boring buttery popcorn, here are a few ideas to change things up a bit. You too can make your own gourmet popcorn at home!  Take a look at some of these easy … [Read More...]

chocolate covered recipes

7 Chocolate-Covered Recipes You Have To Try

Everything tastes a little better with chocolate. Instead of serving up the usual chocolate-covered strawberries this year for Valentine's Day, try something different. There are many interesting ideas for foods that could be dipped in milk … [Read More...]

easy cotton candy melts

Cotton Candy Creme Melts

I can see these in my near future!!! I am a big fan of anything cotton candy-flavored. It brings me back to my childhood when my parents took me to the circus or fair. Oh the memories!! Looking at these delectable goodies, you would think they … [Read More...]