Repurposing Ideas

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Still have some Christmas shopping to do? Why not make your loved ones a gift this year instead? Check out these 7 creative gift ideas that are both easy to make and inexpensive.   DIY Cork Tile Placemat … [Read More...]

Repurpose Tin Can & Tequila Bottle As Decor

Repurpose Empty Tequila Bottles For Decor

If your tequila of choice is 1800, here is an awesome repurposing project for that pretty bottle. You can make a decorative piece for any room in your home just by adding a little imagination. The paint used on this … [Read More...]

Home Organization

diaper box

6 Ways To Repurpose A Diaper Box

It is crazy how fast you go through diapers when you have twins! After several months of discarding boxes, it occurred to me that this cardboard could be repurposed into something amazing! So, I took to the web in search of … [Read More...]

6 Ways To Help Organize & Optimize The Space In Your Kitchen

I am always looking to organize and optimize the space in my home. A big problem that I face is limited amount of cabinet and pantry space. So, I went looking for clever and inexpensive solutions that could really make a big … [Read More...]

Recipe Ideas

BLT Hotdog with Ranch

Ranch BLT Hotdog

Wow! I never would have thought about putting these ingredients together! What a brilliant idea! This Ranch BLT Hotdog would be perfect for Memorial Day or even the 4th of July! For the instructions on how to put this hotdog together, check out … [Read More...]


Sand Pudding

This dessert is so popular right now! Yes, this pail of "sand" is actually edible! How fun would it be to serve this at a party or get together this summer? Imagine all of the confused looks from your guests when they see this amongst the other … [Read More...]


5 No-Bake Icebox Cakes

If you are looking for an easy potluck dish idea, look no further! These icebox cakes are popular and are sure to be a hit at your upcoming get-together! Why not try making an icebox cake for the 4th of July? There is barely any effort in whipping … [Read More...]

Homemade S'mores

Easter S’mores Made With Homemade Marshmallows

Easter is just around the corner! If you need a quick and easy dessert for a party, potluck, or you just crave sugar, check out these Easter s'mores! I used a recipe for homemade marshmallows that you can find here. They honestly taste so much better … [Read More...]

Healthy Creme Brulee

Guilt-Free Creme Brulee

Healthy Creme Brulee!!! I had to wipe my eyes to make sure I read it correctly! If you love Creme Brulee (like I do) and want to watch your calories (like I am), this is a dessert you might want to check out! The original recipe can be found at … [Read More...]

Rhubarb Lemonade

Minty Rhubarb Lemonade

Stick a sprig of mint in a drink and it automatically looks refreshing to me! Use rhubarb in anything and I am sold! If you too love the flavor of rhubarb, you might consider making this drink for your family. This is a non-alcoholic beverage, so … [Read More...]

grilled cheese with a pumpkin

6 Halloween Bento Box Ideas

Bento box lunches are still all the rage right now! I have searched around to find some of the cutest (not gross or scary) ideas for this upcoming holiday. Take a look at these six Halloween-themed lunch creations! Hopefully, one will peak your … [Read More...]

Finished product

Firecracker Casserole

Here is a meal that will only take about 30 minutes to put together and will satisfy your family's appetite. This casserole will easily make 8 servings. There are only two adults in my family, so we will be having leftovers for the next couple days. … [Read More...]

Ice Cream Cupcakes

Bailey’s Irish Cream Ice Cream Cupcakes

These are not your ordinary cupcakes. If you look closely you will see a layer of cake, ice cream, and whipped cream icing! I am so thrilled someone thought of this!  I don't know about you, but this particular cupcake screams St. Patrick's Day … [Read More...]

fruit leather

Homemade Fruit Leather

School is back in session! Why not try making these healthy snacks for your child's lunch? This is a great way to sneak in fruit without them knowing it! There are two ways to go about making fruit leather. You can either bake it in the oven or … [Read More...]