Repurposing Ideas

diaper box

6 Ways To Repurpose A Diaper Box

It is crazy how fast you go through diapers when you have twins! After several months of discarding boxes, it occurred to me that this cardboard could be repurposed into something amazing! So, I took to the web in search of … [Read More...]

2 Great Ways To Repurpose Plastic Bottles

2 Ways To Turn Trash Into Something Fun For Your Kids

I cannot think of any better way to reuse a milk jug or 2-liter soda bottles! Not only will you save both from going into the trash, but you will make your little one so happy! The DIY Star Wars Storm Trooper helmet is so … [Read More...]

Home Organization

Baby Clothes Dividers Free Printable

9 Ways To Better Organize Your Child’s Room

A little organization, can go a long way! I know that these days kids have a ton of toys. Their room can become a disaster in a flash! Here are 9 ideas to help keep some of the mess under control. Check out some of the DIY … [Read More...]

Organizer for the Bathroom

9 Ways To Get That Organized Bathroom You’ve Always Wanted

I know that my bathroom gets cluttered on a weekly basis. I am constantly looking for ways to eliminate the mess by coming up with creative, organization solutions. I have found several ideas that I plan on putting to use in … [Read More...]

Recipe Ideas

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Amazing Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

How great does this smoothie look? It has my name written all over it! What a perfect treat for the summer season! I can see substituting cherries or blueberries in place of the strawberries-YUM! The recipe for this decadent dessert can be found … [Read More...]

Jalapeno Popper Chicken

8 Jalapeno Popper-Inspired Foods

I normally don't like spicy foods at all. I am kind of a wimp when it comes to the burning sensation you get in your lips or mouth from ingesting something way too hot! For some reason, in my sixth month of pregnancy, all I am craving are jalapeños. … [Read More...]

Easy Apple pie cookies

Easy Apple Pie Cookies

When I first saw these Apple Pie Cookies I thought they would be too difficult for your average, everyday person like me to make. As I looked at what the recipe called for and how they were prepared, I was shocked! The ingredients are basic and the … [Read More...]

Source: Diamonds For Dessert

Lucky Shamrock Spinach Quiche

How yummy does this dish look? I don't know about you, but this is now on the menu for St. Patrick's Day! This recipe is great because it makes 3 large quiches or 12 mini quiches! Whatever is left over can be frozen and served at a later … [Read More...]

Homemade S'mores

Easter S’mores Made With Homemade Marshmallows

Easter is just around the corner! If you need a quick and easy dessert for a party, potluck, or you just crave sugar, check out these Easter s'mores! I used a recipe for homemade marshmallows that you can find here. They honestly taste so much better … [Read More...]

Banana Boats

Easy & Yummy Banana Boats

You don't have to be around a campfire to enjoy this treat! Anyone with a grill in their backyard can make these. All you need to do is simply slice open a banana lengthwise like you would a baked potato. Once sliced, add any filling you like such as … [Read More...]

Easy Banana Nut Bread

The Yummiest Banana Nut Bread

If you purchased a bunch of bananas and have forgotten to eat them, do not fret. I have any easy solution that will not let them go to waste. Why not bake with those mushy bananas? They are actually the perfect consistency to make banana … [Read More...]

Easy Homemade Lasagna

Easy, Cheesy Lasagna

If you love lasagna, this is an easy and delicious recipe. I snagged it from All Recipes and made a couple of modifications of my own.   Easy, Cheesy Lasagna 1 lb of lean ground beef (I used 90/10) 1 cup of frozen onions or 1 … [Read More...]


Homemade Lunchables

While looking for healthier options for my family, I ran into this great idea: Homemade Lunchables. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid it was fun to eat crackers, cheese, and lunch meat for a meal.  It was something different from a … [Read More...]

Strawberry Lime Water

Strawberry-Lime Water

If you are not a fan of just plain water, adding a bit of fruit can make a big difference. This is a simple recipe containing fresh strawberries, lime, and a bit of cinnamon. Enjoy! … [Read More...]