Repurposing Ideas

DIY Duct Tape Rockets

DIY Duct Tape Rockets

3-2-1 blast off! Check out these cute, homemade rockets! They are made from toilet paper tubes, cardboard, duct tape, and your choice of material for the flames. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive craft to do with your … [Read More...]

7 Last Minute Gift Ideas

7 Last Minute DIY Christmas Gifts

Still have some Christmas shopping to do? Why not make your loved ones a gift this year instead? Check out these 7 creative gift ideas that are both easy to make and inexpensive.   DIY Cork Tile Placemat … [Read More...]

Home Organization

DIY Tin Can Brush Holder

Bathroom Organization-Hair Styling Tools

I know that when things get busy and chaotic the first place to get cluttered is my bathroom. The countertops become crowded and unsightly with my blow dryer, flat iron, my husband's electric shaver, etc. I have been on the … [Read More...]

diaper box

6 Ways To Repurpose A Diaper Box

It is crazy how fast you go through diapers when you have twins! After several months of discarding boxes, it occurred to me that this cardboard could be repurposed into something amazing! So, I took to the web in search of … [Read More...]

Recipe Ideas

Easy Cheesy Shamrock Bell Peppers

Easy, Cheesy, Bell Pepper Shamrocks

If you are not in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day yet, you may become inspired by this snack! These shamrock snacks are so easy and fun to make. You will also find that they are easy on the wallet! For this recipe, you will need english muffins, … [Read More...]

Source: Eclectic Recipes

Peeps S’mores

If you love S'mores, here is a twist on the traditional recipe. Instead of using marshmallows, substitute Peeps. If you end up loving it, I would buy several packages of Peeps after Easter and freeze them. You will be able to enjoy the taste all year … [Read More...]

hotdogs for the 4th.001

8 Great Ways To Serve Up Hotdogs For The 4th Of July

When I think of the 4th of July, grilling out in the hot sun comes to mind. One of the staples at our party every year is hot dogs. We usually serve it with a choice of cheese, relish, mustard, and/or ketchup. How boring! So, I started looking around … [Read More...]

Easy Bread Machine Pizza Dough

Easiest Bread Machine Pizza Dough

I received this recipe from a family member after raving about their pizza crust. I believe this is one of the most easy recipes out there. There are only four ingredients. Easy Bread Machine Pizza Dough 1 pkg. yeast (2 1/4 tsp. of bread … [Read More...]

Banana Pepper Roast

Banana Pepper Beef Roast

I just love crock pot meals! This one has to be my favorite so far! I have never strayed away from the traditional roast recipe with potatoes and carrots. I saw this recipe and had to try it! I was skeptical at first because of the ingredients. … [Read More...]

Healthy Creme Brulee

Guilt-Free Creme Brulee

Healthy Creme Brulee!!! I had to wipe my eyes to make sure I read it correctly! If you love Creme Brulee (like I do) and want to watch your calories (like I am), this is a dessert you might want to check out! The original recipe can be found at … [Read More...]

grilled cheese with a pumpkin

6 Halloween Bento Box Ideas

Bento box lunches are still all the rage right now! I have searched around to find some of the cutest (not gross or scary) ideas for this upcoming holiday. Take a look at these six Halloween-themed lunch creations! Hopefully, one will peak your … [Read More...]

Pie Fries

What To Do With Left Over Pie Crust Dough

I know it is not exactly pie season anymore, but I could not pass up the opportunity to share this brilliant idea! Do you find yourself throwing away the extra dough left over from a pie crust? I know that I am guilty! I ran across an idea that … [Read More...]

Rhubarb Lemonade

Minty Rhubarb Lemonade

Stick a sprig of mint in a drink and it automatically looks refreshing to me! Use rhubarb in anything and I am sold! If you too love the flavor of rhubarb, you might consider making this drink for your family. This is a non-alcoholic beverage, so … [Read More...]


6 Creative & Easy Ways To Make Mac & Cheese

Now that the temperature has changed, I have been looking for warm, flavorful, foods to serve for dinner. What better dish than macaroni and cheese? The great thing about macaroni and cheese is that it can be served as the main course or as a side … [Read More...]