Repurposing Ideas

Easy DIY Headbands

Easy DIY Headbands With Tutorial

You can really dress up your little one's outfit with one of these! They are super easy to make and inexpensive! There is a step-by-step tutorial for each so that you don't miss a step! Check them out! … [Read More...]

Valentine's Day Crafts For Kids

10 Valentine’s Crafts For Kids

Looking for Valentine's Day-themed crafts to do with your child? Here are several of my favorites that are both fun and inexpensive. So, find your scissors, grab your glue and let's get crafting! … [Read More...]

Home Organization


Disassembling Your Christmas Tree Without Hating Yourself Next Year

Well, it is the first week of January and you know what that means (sniff, sniff) taking down the Christmas tree :( Time to disassemble the tree ornament-by-ornament, light strand-by-light strand. Don't hate yourself next … [Read More...]

7 Ways To Organize Your Home Using Shower Curtain Hooks

Would you believe that a simple shower curtain hook could help organize your household? This is an easy and low budget fix that will make a big impact. Below are 7 different ways to creatively organize various items in your … [Read More...]

Recipe Ideas


6 Creative & Easy Ways To Make Mac & Cheese

Now that the temperature has changed, I have been looking for warm, flavorful, foods to serve for dinner. What better dish than macaroni and cheese? The great thing about macaroni and cheese is that it can be served as the main course or as a side … [Read More...]

Truffle Bacon Popcorn

5 Savory & Spicy Gourmet Popcorn Recipes

I love buttered popcorn, but sometimes you just get tired of the same flavor over and over again. While searching for ways to make my nighttime snack a little more tasty, I ran into some interesting flavors. Here are 5 recipes that are sure to please … [Read More...]


Homemade Lunchables

While looking for healthier options for my family, I ran into this great idea: Homemade Lunchables. I don't know about you, but when I was a kid it was fun to eat crackers, cheese, and lunch meat for a meal.  It was something different from a … [Read More...]

mini banana cream desserts with caramel sauce

Mini Banana Cream Desserts With Caramel Sauce

How great do these mini desserts look? I wouldn’t mind having one right now! These yummy treats would be perfect for a picnic or party. I always serve a dessert with bananas in it for the 4th of July. This may be the dish I serve this year! For the … [Read More...]

Jalapeno Popper Chicken

8 Jalapeno Popper-Inspired Foods

I normally don't like spicy foods at all. I am kind of a wimp when it comes to the burning sensation you get in your lips or mouth from ingesting something way too hot! For some reason, in my sixth month of pregnancy, all I am craving are jalapeños. … [Read More...]


Barbeque Chicken Pizza Pinwheels

My husband and I are big fans of BBQ Chicken Pizza, so when I ran into this recipe I had to try it! I thought the preparation was very easy and the cook time quick. If you are in need of an effortless meal during the week, I would definitely … [Read More...]

Guinness Float

Guinness Float

While we were on vacation, my husband and I visited Gettysburg, PA. We were about to pay the check when the server asked if we wanted dessert. Of course, I am on vacation, so whatever calories I consume do not count :) I asked to see the menu and was … [Read More...]

Funfetti Homemade Cake Batter Popcorn

5 Homemade Gourmet Popcorn Recipes

Who doesn't love movie night with the family? If you are tired of the same old boring buttery popcorn, here are a few ideas to change things up a bit. You too can make your own gourmet popcorn at home!  Take a look at some of these easy … [Read More...]


Colcannon: A Must Have For St. Patrick’s Day!

If you are looking for an Irish dish to incorporate into your dinner tonight, how about trying Colcannon? This is an easy to make and cheap recipe that I am sure your family will enjoy!   Traditional Colcannon   This side dish only … [Read More...]

Rocket Popsicles for the 4th of July

4 Easy Frozen Treats For The 4th Of July

What better way to cool off on the 4th of July than with a frozen treat? I know when the 4th rolls around in Texas it is blazing hot outside! So, I have searched around for some festive, frozen desserts that will help keep your family and friends … [Read More...]