5 Easter Treats Using Rice Krispies

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, I am gearing up for Easter! The hunt is on for cute crafts and bunny-themed sweets!

I am a big fan of Rice Krispie Treats! The more marshmallows, the better! Today, I came across these 5 adorable Easter-themed treats that use Rice Krispies!


Chocolate Rice Krispie Bunny


How cute are these bunny snacks? They look a little elaborate, but they really are quite easy to make. You will have to pick up a bunny head cookie cutter and a small round cookie cutter to complete this project.

Why not make this a fun activity for your kids? They will have a great time creating and decorating their own bunny!



Rice Krispie Treat Easter Egg Dippers


Now this is something the whole family can do together! In order to attain that perfect egg shape, you can either mold the treats with your hands or press the mixture into one of those plastic fillable eggs. Once you remove the Rice Krispie from the egg, dip it into melted chocolate and decorate it with sprinkles and candy.



Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats


Here is another idea that is similar to the egg dippers in the above picture. In order to achieve different colors, you can add food coloring to the marshmallows.



Robin’s Egg Nest Treats


These are my favorite Easter treats using Rice Krispies!

In order to make the nest shape, press the cereal/marshmallow mixture into the cups of a muffin pan. To make the green topping, you will need to add food coloring to shredded coconut. To finish off the project, add Whopper’s Robin Egg candy or jelly beans.



Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs


I will definitely be making these for my family this year! You can get really creative by adding food coloring to the marshmallows.

You can also try melting chocolate chips and filling in the center of the Rice Krispie egg. That would be so yummy!


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