Chicks In A Nest Breakfast

How awesome does this breakfast food look? The nest portion is made from hash browns and the chicks are, of course, scrambled eggs. The orignal recipe for Chicks In A Nest can be found at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy.

In order to get the cup shape of the nests, you simply use the bottom of a glass to press and mold the potatoes into the muffin pan.

Try using sausage, bacon, or chorizo in place of the ham. To boost the flavor of the scrambled eggs, add cooked, chopped bell pepper.

I found an extremely easy recipe for Crème Fraiche at Serious Eats . It involves only two ingredients: heavy cream and buttermilk.

If you are not interested in topping this breakfast with caviar, you could just omit that ingredient.

Chicks In A Nest Breakfast

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