Easy Easter Bunny Tails

If you need a quick, easy, no-bake Easter treat, check out these Easter Bunny Tails. They only call for four ingredients! How awesome!

You will need to pick the following up from the store: cream cheese, powdered sugar, shredded, sweetened coconut, and almond or coconut extract.

Place the cream cheese into a bowl and use a hand mixer to break it down into a fluffy mixture. Next add the extract and powdered sugar. This last step is the most fun; rolling the cream cheese balls into the shredded coconut.

***This treat would be so delicious with a melted chocolate dip. The taste would resemble Mounds candy-YUM!!!

***To cut down on a few of the calories, you could purchase the 1/3 less fat cream cheese. I can’t tell a difference in the taste at all!


Easter Bunny Tails

Source: Pizzazerie

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