Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

I am all about saving money, whether it be using coupons, shopping at second hand stores, and taking advantage of freebies. Since Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, why not celebrate and save money at the same time?

I scoured the web looking for free printable Valentine’s Day cards. These are all kid-themed and soooo cute!!

The cards below are from Pumpkins and Posies. Check out their website, they have cards for all occasions!


Here is another card selection from Pumpkins and Posies. These have a vintage feel to them. They remind me of some of my mother’s old Valentine’s that she kept from her childhood.


This set of Valentine’s Day cards comes from Get Buttoned Up. These are perfect for the younger crowd and can be given by either a boy or girl. On the same site, you will find another download for kids of an older age.


These are colorful and fun! They are not your standard pink hearts and furry animals. Check out Diva Entertains for other Valentine’s Day card downloads.


How cute are these cards? I really like the design on all four cards. These are my favorite out of all the Valentine’s I have seen so far. Make sure to visit One Charming Party and check out their other Valentine’s Day card download.


If you love Disney, here is a free download. There are 9 different Disney characters featured on these cards. They are sure to be a hit in your child’s classroom.

Free Valentine's Day Cards For Kids

Source: Spoonful


If you are a fan of Star Wars, brace yourself…

These cards are so AWESOME! I can see college students handing these out in class! The best part about this choice is that you can also print out an envelope to go with the Valentine.


The next three Valentine’s Day cards come from the same website: We Love To Illustrate. There are many more, in addition to the ones pictured, so make sure to check them out!




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